There will be a lot written about the General Election in Italy on 4 March 2018.
We thought we’d add a few numbers…

Silvio Berlusconi tops the charts of time spent as Prime Minister since World War II. Elected four times and is the current leader of Forza Italia and the Centre Right coalition. He is 3rd in the list of time served as Prime Minister since the formation of Italy in 1861. Only Mussolini and Giolitti have served for longer. Is he going to try and make it up to 2nd place?

The number of houses that make up the Italian legislature: Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Both are up for election in this year’s General Election.

The number of major parties or coalitions contending to form a government: the Centre Right coalition, the Centre Left coalition and Five Star Movement.

The number of general elections that have been held since Italy adopted the euro. This is the 5th.

The number of political parties that make up both the Centre Right coalition and Centre Left coalition.

The number of Prime Ministers since Italy adopted the euro (Berlusconi served twice)

The number of parties contesting the 2018 General Election.

The number of elections since World War II.

The age of Luigi Di Maio, Prime Minister Candidate for the Five Star Movement (M5S), who entered the Chamber of Deputies in 2013.

The number of governments since World War II

The age of Matteo Renzi, leader of the Democratic Party (PD) and the Centre Left coalition, former Prime Minister, resigned in December 2016 following the loss of referendum regarding electoral reform.

The age of Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia and Centre Right coalition, more life experience than Renzi and Maio put together and that is just taking his age into account! Amongst many controversies he was convicted for tax fraud in 2013. As a result of this conviction he has been banned from public office until 2019. It remains unclear who would be Prime Minister therefore in the event of a Centre Right victory.

The predicted majority for the Centre Right coalition in the Chamber of Deputies based on opinion polls taken 10-11 January 2018.

The current basis point spread that Italian debt trades over German bunds.

The highest level of spread that Italian debt traded at, in the run up to the French election.

The number of seats in the Senate up for election.

The number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies up for election.

The size of Italian government debt as at November 2017 (euros) = 132% of GDP as measured at the end of 2016.

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